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Get Modern with a Walk in Wardrobe or Wardrobe Design in Sydney, North Shore or Eastern Suburbs from Ximula

Nothing offers more creature comfort than having plenty of room to display and organise your belongings. Walk in Wardrobes in North Shore, Sydney and Eastern Suburbs couldn’t get any more modern than the Ximula system of shelving and walk in …read more.


Ximula provides innovative shelving, storage, and wardrobe shelving systems in Sydney and Eastern Suburbs

An award-winning company that originated in Singapore in 2002, Ximula, is sweeping Sydney’s design forum by storm. The highly innovative, custom designs revolutionize the design process and opens the door to …read more.


Ximula Custom wardrobe manufacturer/ maker and supplier provides Sydney clients with Custom wardrobe fit

“Future-proof”, is one of the many phrases that have been used to describe Ximula’s highly pliable room product design. This Custom wardrobe manufacturer in Sydney creates a product that applicable to wardrobes, shelving, entertainment spaces, offices and …read more.


Visit Wardrobe Showrooms In Sydney, The Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, And Inner West To See The Beauty Of Ximula

The perfect wardrobe is something that most people just dream about. Now it is possible with Ximula, a revolutionary new storage system that is “future proof.” The system can be adapted and adjusted to fit your ever-changing needs. Shelves can be added or …read more.


Ximula Provides You The Finest Bespoke Wardrobes In Sydney, Inner West, And The Eastern Suburbs

The most innovate, stylish bespoke wardrobes in Sydney can be found at Ximula, as well as Gelosa, Spaceworks and Stylecraft.. The patented Ximula X-Series offers unlimited design possibilities, commercial manufacture quality, and future flexibility for a …read more.


Design Your Own Custom Built In Wardrobes in Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, and North West Sydney

Are you a business owner who is looking to furnish your base of operation, but who lacks the funds and space to incorporate what you desperately need? Or maybe you’re remodelling your home and want to consolidate your room, but aren’t …read more.


Ximula Is Designing Custom Made Wardrobes in Sydney, Inner West and North Shore Locations

Originating in Singapore in 2002, Ximula has been the go-to company for clients who are looking for revolutionary designs to better organise their homes. Since then, Ximula has expanded all across the world to …read more.


Ximula: Creating Designer Wardrobes in Sydney, Inner West, North Shore, and Eastern Suburbs

You just went shopping and have walked into your home, only to realise that you’ve completely run out of space. Your current wardrobes are packed full with shoes, clothes, boxes filled with mementos from your children and loved ones. And there, back in the corner, are …read more.


Ximula’s Showroom Displays Todays Modern Modular Wardrobes in Sydney

Often, our wardrobe space offers little more than a shelf and a bar to hang clothing on, but your belongings deserve more luxurious accommodations than that. If you want to do it yourself, it can be difficult and complicated installing most modular wardrobe designs. Sydney residents and …read more.


Looking for Home Office Fit Outs in Sydney? Visit Our Showrooms at Ximula

Whether you work from home, have a student in need of a great space for finishing their homework, or you simply would like a dedicated space to take care of those all-important tasks, a home office can be an incredible addition. Crafting the perfect home office can take a bit of time and …read more.


Ximula Offers Complete Library Shelving Systems in Sydney

There are many different considerations to make when completing a library space, but perhaps one of the most important is the way that the books and other materials will be shelved. Books must be shelved efficiently, with attention paid to the safety of the materials as well as those who …read more.  

Visit Ximula’s Alexandria Showroom for Custom Cabinetry, Bookcases and TV Units for Your Home Office

Whether you’re a Creative artist or software engineer, when you work from home, you want to be productive. Several factors will affect your productivity in your home office …read more.


Alexandria Showroom Offers Built-In Wardrobes in Alexandria

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary, courtesy of Ximula’s functional, comfortable, stylish, and flexible built-in wardrobes in Alexandria. An organised built in wardrobe extends your bedroom space. Ximula’s walk-in Wardrobes represent …read more.


Inspiration for Your Home Office in Rosebery

The inspiration for decking out an executive’s home office Rosebery is here, courtesy of Ximula. Our award-winning, patented, flexible home office furniture design ensures you will find something in our collection to love and inspire you. Entrepreneurs …read more.


Functional Built in Wardrobes Available in Rosebery

Expansive built in wardrobes in Rosebery are the dream of women all over Australia. The idea of built-in storage spaces includes tonnes of space for skirts, shirts, dresses, jackets, jeans, T-shirts, shoes, bags, jewellery and just about anything …read more.


Designing a Home Office in Newtown

If you walked into a well-designed custom home office, would you be able to say definitively if a man or woman owns that office? Can furniture design be feminine or masculine? Does it really matter? The answer may be a muddle, but the key to …read more.


Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Custom Built-In and Walk-In Wardrobe in Newtown

Perhaps you are working with an architect to design your new ‘dream home.’ Maybe you are just thinking about converting a part of your existing home to expand the size of your master bedroom and give yourself more space. Either way, one thing you might …read more.


From TV Units to Workstations to Bookcases: Ximula Offers Everything You Need to Create a Home Office in the Inner West

Your work situation is changing: after years of going into the office every day, you are slowly going to transition into the work-from-home life. You might still need to go into the office from time to time, and you will have to call or Skype in for …read more.


The Possibilities That a Modular Walk-In Wardrobe or Custom Cabinetry Can Provide in the Inner West

Having a built-in, walk-in wardrobe at your home in Sydney’s Inner West can offer a slew of different benefits that you wouldn’t get from a standard, smaller closet. For a start, you get more space, more flexibility in storage, more privacy and more …read more.


Design the Perfect Home or Library Book Shelving Solution, with Custom Bookcases and Cabinetry in the Eastern Suburbs

Whether you are a library manager looking for the latest innovations and styles in the library shelving market or a book enthusiast on the hunt for a stunning home library solution, Ximula Australia can help. Just recently, we have joined the library …read more.


Wardrobe Makers Who Design Custom Wardrobe Cabinets in Sydney

Your bedroom is a place where you spend a significant amount of time, so it’s important to make sure it’s a place that reflects your personal style and makes you feel at home. The wardrobe is one of the most important aspects of any bedroom. A custom …read more.


Custom Walk-In, Reach-In, and Built-In Wardrobes in Waterloo – Which One Is Right For You?

When you’re trying to decide between wardrobe types for a new home (or if you’re just sprucing up you existing space), it helps to have an understanding of your different choices and what makes a particular type the best choice for you. This understanding …read more.


Options for Organising Bookcases and Library Shelving; Custom Cabinetry in Waterloo

Are you one of those people who likes to keep your bookcases organised and neat? Most people prefer to see straight, tidy rows of books and know exactly where to find the one they’re looking for, but bookshelves can easily become chaotic without a specific …read more.


How to Organise Built-In or Walk-In Wardrobes and Finding Custom Wardrobes in the Hills District

Whether you are unpacking in a new home or your wardrobe has simply gotten out of hand over time, one thing is for sure: organising a wardrobe can be overwhelming. However, taking the time to plan ahead and thinking about what you have and where …read more.


Keep Your Home Office in Sydney Organised with Custom Office Cabinetry and Storage Units

You eat in your kitchen and sleep in your bedroom, but your home office may just be the most important room in your home. Owners of home-based businesses know how important it is to keep this room organised and functioning properly, from file storage to …read more.

The Ximula™ X-Series provides unlimited design possibilities, precision technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship within an award-winning collection.

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