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Ximula Provides You The Finest Bespoke Wardrobes In Sydney, Inner West, And The Eastern Suburbs

The most innovate, stylish bespoke wardrobes in Sydney can be found at Ximula as well as at Gelosa, Spaceworks and Stylecraft , which provides the new Ximula system. The patented Ximula X-Series offers unlimited design possibilities, commercial manufacture quality, and future flexibility for a wide range of applications. Ximula systems are used in homes, offices, libraries, and more. The unique storage solutions can be found in high-end private residences or even university student accommodations. The beauty of Ximula’s patented aluminium joinery is that is can be adjusted and changed to suit the needs of the users. Items can be mixed and match to form shelves, cabinets, drawers, and more. Ximula, which serves Sydney, Inner West, and the Eastern suburbs, provides the the ultimate in storage for wardrobes.

Choosing Bespoke Wardrobes In Inner West

When considering bespoke wardrobes for a home, the homeowner needs to think about size and optimising the space available. With most modern wardrobes, storage solutions remain permanent. That is why many designers, architects, and the like are choosing Ximula X-Series systems. Ximula is virtually “future proof.” When storage needs change, Ximula can adapt to those changes. Once installed, many storage systems are permanent. Ximula is not. Shelves can be added or removed. The same holds true for cabinets. Ximula storage systems are lightweight and very easy to reconfigure.

Those in search of a wardrobe storage system will need to consider their actual wardrobe. If they have a large number of shoes, for example, there may be a need for more shelves than hanging bars. Ximula gives homeowners the flexibility to do just that. If the wardrobe changes over time, the Ximula system is fully adaptable to all changes. Add hanging bars, cabinets, or shelves or remove them to accommodate any changes.

Make Ximula Your Choice For Bespoke Wardrobes

The key to Ximula storage systems is their ability to change. The patented aluminium joinery makes it easy for anyone to add or remove items. Ximula systems are easy to assemble and disassemble. The systems are portable and can be moved if a homeowner decides to move. While the components are lightweight, they do have high load bearing capabilities and for those living in coastal areas, the aluminium profiles are resistant to rust.

Not only are Ximula storage systems flexible and functional, they are also stylish. Users can choose from a variety of colours and finishes. Cabinets, drawers, and shelves come in different finishes and sizes to meet the needs of an individual homeowner. Homeowners can choose items that best fit their style.

Not Just For Homes

Storage solutions are needed in other instances, not just in homes. Ximula provides bespoke wardrobes in Eastern suburbs businesses, for example. Shelving systems and cabinet systems that are fully adaptable are perfect for the modern office setting. Ximula systems are also used in libraries where generic shelving had been used for years. The new shelving systems from Ximula give today’s library a new stylish, contemporary look.

For more information on customised wardrobes in Sydney, Inner West, or the Eastern suburbs, visit or call 1 300 389 531.

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