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Design the Perfect Home or Library Book Shelving Solution, with Custom Bookcases and Cabinetry in the Eastern Suburbs

Whether you are a library manager looking for the latest innovations and styles in the library shelving market or a book enthusiast on the hunt for a stunning home library solution, Ximula Australia can help. Just recently, we have joined the library shelving market in the Eastern Suburbs. We wanted to provide librarians in and around Sydney with versatile and innovative shelving solutions. We also create a range of shelving designs and bookcases in the Eastern Suburbs, ideal for home library designs.

The Library Shelving Market: Thirsty for Innovation

For many years, the library shelving market has been thirsty for innovation. Many libraries—both public libraries and home book collectors—have had to make do with generic or old-fashioned shelving solutions. Finding shelves with a modern aesthetic has been difficult—perhaps because libraries and books, in general, are often thought of as ‘classic’ or ‘antique.’ Such is the trend in the age of e-books and digital everything.

As leaders in custom cabinetry in the Eastern Suburbs, our team at Ximula felt we could serve the niche library and book collector market with a range of more up-to-date library shelving solutions. The result of this gut feeling was the creation of our library range, which is sleek and contemporary in look and style. For libraries that are trying to bring their look and atmosphere into the 21st century, these shelving units are ideal fixtures.

Our library bookcases aren’t just ideal for Eastern Suburbs libraries seeking to update their aesthetic. On the contrary, these library shelving units aren’t just modern in look, but also in function. As with all Ximula products, our custom library series allows for great flexibility in storage. We have shelving units that allow you to display titles face out and others for the more traditional alphabetical organisation. We can customise your shelves so they are ready for standard-size novels, large kids picture books, CDs, DVDs and more.

Bookcases for Any Application in the Eastern Suburbs

Though Ximula has recently begun targeting the library shelving market in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, our custom bookcases have a broad range of applications. We can design book shelving solutions for your home library, or create an ideal design for your living room that pairs a spot for your TV with ample DVD library space. Bookstores have also implemented our shelving designs, using them to display and store their products, just as libraries do.

Indeed, the modern aesthetic and versatile functionality of our custom shelving and cabinetry in the Eastern Suburbs have made Ximula a go-to source for book shelving in the Sydney area. If your home or business needs an eye-catching way to store books, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records or other forms of media, you can count on us to provide the ideal solution.

Are you interested in working with Ximula for your library organisation needs? Call us on (02) 8540 0549 to learn more about our custom, modular shelving solutions.

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