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Options for Organising Bookcases and Library Shelving; Custom Cabinetry in Waterloo

Are you one of those people who likes to keep your bookcases organised and neat? Most people prefer to see straight, tidy rows of books and know exactly where to find the one they’re looking for, but bookshelves can easily become chaotic without a specific organisation system. Organising a bookshelf can be fun, and there are several different systems you can choose to help you keep your books in line.

Covering the Basics

The first thing to do before organising any bookcases in Waterloo is to get rid of any unwanted books. There’s no point in working to organise books you’re never going to touch again. Put unwanted books into boxes and sell them, donate them to charity, or see if your local library can use them. Then, before constructing your master plan for organising the books you want to keep, check size restrictions. Bookcases come with shelves of different spacing, which might mean you need to keep hardcovers on one shelf and paperbacks on another. You may need to store large books such as coffee table books and textbooks in a flat stack. Divide your books into separate piles based on these size restrictions. Keep in mind that you’ll need to store large, heavy books on sturdy lower shelves, not up high.

Choosing a Way to Organise Library Shelving in Waterloo

Now that you have narrowed down your book collection to those you’ll actually use, and sorted them by size restrictions, you can choose from several different methods of organisation. You might want to separate fiction from nonfiction books to make browsing easier. Then, you might choose to sort your fiction books by author or genre. If you sort by genre (best for a large, varied fiction collection), you can then sort alphabetically by author’s last name to make it easier to find the book you want. As far as non-fiction books go, you might want to sort them by topics, such as gardening, cooking, history, and the like.

Another way to sort your books is by size. Size works well if you have a wide range of books in different sizes, from paperbacks to large art albums. Place the smallest books on the highest shelves and place larger and heavier books further down. This method creates a neat, organised appearance. You may also choose to sort your books by colour, by the frequency of use, or by chronological relevance (start on the top shelves with books you read as a child, and move down the shelves in the order in which you discovered the books).

No matter how you decide to organise your books, custom library shelving will make the job much easier and more satisfying. At Ximula, we create custom cabinetry in Waterloo as well as bookshelves, wardrobes, and other storage solutions. Whether you need custom cabinetry, library shelving, or some other storage system, we can help. We offer attractive, high-quality solutions customised to fit your specific needs and wants. Contact us today to see how our personalised designs can help you organise your life.

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