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How to Organise Built-In or Walk-In Wardrobes and Finding Custom Wardrobes in the Hills District

Whether you are unpacking in a new home or your wardrobe has simply gotten out of hand over time, one thing is for sure: organising a wardrobe can be overwhelming. However, taking the time to plan ahead and thinking about what you have and where you want to store it can make the process easier and result in a better system – and it’s well worth it, since you use your wardrobe every day. To achieve a properly organised wardrobe that you’ll enjoy using, and that will make your daily life easier, follow these tips.

Get Started

Firstly, designate a space to work and empty your wardrobe (or your packing boxes). Put all your clothes on your bed, in the corner of your room, or whatever area you’ve decided to use. Take absolutely everything out of the wardrobe: clothes, hangers, blankets, boxes, and anything else. Once the wardrobe is empty, separate all the items into specific categories. Place clothes in one cardboard box, hangers in another, and so on until you’ve grouped all your items together. Or, if you’d like, begin by separating items into “keep,” “toss,” and “donate” piles.

Remove Unwanted Items

Those trying to declutter and organise walk-in wardrobes in the Hills District, usually find that purging unwanted items is essential to getting really organised. Getting rid of items you don’t want to keep is a good first step, but also look for items that don’t belong in the particular wardrobe you are cleaning out. Sometimes, clutter is caused by simply placing items in the wrong spot – and wardrobes tend to be catchalls. Return any stray items you find to their rightful homes.

Clean the Wardrobe Itself

While your wardrobe is empty, take the opportunity to clean it well. Wipe down the walls, mop or vacuum the floor, and dust the shelves. If the walls need painting, go ahead and do it now. Finally, return your clothing and other items to the wardrobe. Consider sorting clothes by outfit or by type of garment. For example, hang trousers together, skirts together, tops together, and so on. This method makes mix-and-match dressing easier and allows you to be creative with your pieces.

Where to Buy Custom Wardrobes in the Hills District

Looking for a great place to order walk-in or built-in wardrobes in the Hills District? Ximula designs, builds, and installs custom storage solutions such as built-in interchangeable wardrobe systems, library shelving systems, office storage systems, and more. Our personalised designs will look visually pleasing in your space, match your personal style and preferences, meet your needs, and make your day to day life flow much more smoothly. To get organised once and for all with custom storage solutions designed to fit your unique life, contact Ximula and let’s discuss your requirements. We love designing storage systems for folks just like you, and we look forward to working with you! Fill out our convenient online contact form or call us on 1300 389 531 now.

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