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Alexandria Showroom Offers Built-In Wardrobes in Alexandria

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary, courtesy of Ximula’s functional, comfortable, stylish, and flexible built-in wardrobes in Alexandria. An organised built in wardrobe extends your bedroom space. Ximula’s walk-in Wardrobes represent dynamic, flexible Storage, enabling you to create the perfect wardrobe, in Alexandria so you can realise your dream built-in wardrobe.

So often we’re faced with a tiny space, insufficient for our favourite Ellery designer dress or C/MEO couture silk shirt, amongst other precious garments. If you’re a shoe lover, as many women are, lining up your Annie Abbott, Georgia Hobart, or Mary-Kyri shoes on your wood floor or carpeting feels like an insult to you and your beautiful, stunningly designed, precious, couture shoes. Showcase your expensive couture clothing and designer shoes in Ximula™ built in wardrobes, in Alexandria. We present you with unlimited design possibilities, detailed technical innovation, and exquisite, award-winning craftsmanship.

Walk-In Wardrobes for all in Alexandria

Ximula’s modular, patented walk in wardrobes ensure your favourite jacket is easily found–because your space will be totally organised. No more cluttered wardrobe. By designing your ideal walk in wardrobe yourself, including as many hanging rails, shelving, drawers, wire baskets, and cubby-holes for your shoes as you wish, you can simply reach for your favourite pair of designer shoes–no more searching for a shoe’s lost mate.

Our customised wardrobes complement your home and blend seamlessly with the style of the home, or tailored to draw attention to your particular style and persona. Our advanced, patented, joinery technology combines high-end quality hardware with variety in materials and finishes, to give you endless options, for your walk in wardrobe in Alexandria. Ximula makes your walk in wardrobe simple, extensible, and affordable.

Designing wardrobes tailored to you is easy. Select your preferred wardrobe doors to start. You can choose from hinged doors, open units, or sliding doors. Follow your door selection with our flexible components, selecting the materials and finishes that you prefer.

Create Space with Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes represent a comprehensive solution to insufficient bedroom space. Integrate our walk in wardrobes within an existing room or install it in an adjacent, preferred area. Modest-sized walk in wardrobe or magnificently oversized, it’s your design, and your dreams are limitless. Create a walk in wardrobe with minimal sideboards and add an adjacent shelving module, or customise a large-scale walk-in wardrobe; the choice is yours. Select materials in various colours and finishes to bring added colour or texture to your walk in wardrobe.

Ximula has made selecting the preferred wardrobe units with design ideas in our Alexandria showroom, online, in our downloadable brochure, or via our design blog. Contact us via phone or email for questions or help with selecting the appropriate walk in wardrobe. Once you’ve planned the perfect walk in wardrobe for your treasured items, Ximula creates, delivers, and makes your installation very simple and very quick, in the short timeframe of 6 to 8 weeks.

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The Ximula™ X-Series provides unlimited design possibilities, precision technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship within an award-winning collection.

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