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Functional Built in Wardrobes Available in Rosebery

Expansive built in wardrobes in Rosebery are the dream of women all over Australia. The idea of built-in storage spaces includes tonnes of space for skirts, shirts, dresses, jackets, jeans, T-shirts, shoes, bags, jewellery and just about anything else a woman buys and wears. The dreamer conjures up full-length mirrors, built-in vanities, and maybe custom built-in seating as well. Depending on the woman, the dream of a built in wardrobe may be contemporary or classic. These luxury custom spaces usually are included by the builder in select, million-dollar homes — think Cinema of Australia stars’ homes.

Ximula makes dreams of built in wardrobes in Rosebery real for every woman. More often these days, walk-in wardrobes are included in modern home designs, as a walk in wardrobe has become an extension of the master bedroom. To convert your bedroom, whether tiny and cosy or enormous and spacious to a retreat with suites, walk-in wardrobes and built-in seating areas, go Ximula.

We understand that the popularity of home renovation shows, whose renovators include walk in wardrobes in Rosebery and high-end luxury builders’ continued inclusion of stunning, walk in, showcase wardrobes in those upscale homes, have both made walk in wardrobes in Rosebery standard additions for every home.

Designing Your Custom Wardrobes in Rosebery

Ximula showcases design options to give you inspiration for your custom wardrobe in Rosebery. Consider the reasons why you want a custom wardrobe to assist in your design process:

● Do you want custom wardrobe as an extension to your existing wardrobe, so you can use that space fully, for its intended purpose of storing all your clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories?

  • Do you need a custom wardrobe in Rosebery to enable you to change in and out of your garments, in addition to using the custom wardrobe as storage space?
  • Do you wish to include an element of your persona or style to incorporate your lifestyle into your custom wardrobe effectively?
  • Do you want to design with an eye towards bringing to the forefront of your custom wardrobe your most-worn items, or do want specific space devoted to different types of clothing and accessories? Does hanging similar items provide convenience? Or, will color-coding speed up your ability to find items you need?

Design to Suit Functionality

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to customise your space and design a custom wardrobe, you will be most successful by tailoring your space to suit your personal needs, with comfort, style, and functionality as priorities. More hanging space, room for shoes, or a desire for more shelving are all great motivators. Make the process of designing easier by understanding why you want it. Ximula offers you endless options for making your ideas come to life.

Get started with the design of your custom wardrobe. Our award-winning, patented, innovative technology began in Singapore in 2002. We’ve continued our excellence in design and manufacturing custom wardrobes and furniture pieces since then. Call us on 02 8540 0549.

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