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Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Custom Built-In and Walk-In Wardrobe in Newtown

Perhaps you are working with an architect to design your new ‘dream home.’ Maybe you are just thinking about converting a part of your existing home to expand the size of your master bedroom and give yourself more space. Either way, one thing you might think about adding to your new or redesigned floor plan is a walk-in wardrobe.

Walk-in wardrobes in Newtown are a terrific investment. The extra storage space can make your bedroom more functional for you and more attractive for many future buyers. Indeed, having a walk-in wardrobe can deliver a slew of benefits you might not even have considered. At Ximula Australia, we design custom wardrobes in Newtown and can help you build the perfect walk-in wardrobe to meet your needs and expectations.

Why Choose a Walk-in Wardrobe?

If you are designing a new built-in wardrobe in Newtown and are weighing the pros and cons of different closet types, take a moment or two to think about your life with a walk-in wardrobe. What constitutes the ‘right’ wardrobe solution will obviously change a bit from one person to the other. With that said, though, here are a few of the top benefits that homeowners tend to enjoy when they decide on a custom walk-in wardrobe from Ximula in Newtown.

Space: Do you have a lot of clothes or shoes? Whether it’s a collection of dresses, a showcase of designer shoes or a rack full of suits for work, if you love clothes, your passion might not be able to be contained by a standard-sized closet. A walk-in wardrobe gives you ample shelf and rack space to store or hang all of your garments. It’s also the optimal solution for married couples because it makes sure both spouses have plenty of space to store their clothes—all without compromise or argument.

Privacy: At Ximula, when customers come to us looking for built-in wardrobes in Newtown and broach the subject of walk-in closets, they often like the idea of how much privacy a walk-in wardrobe can provide. In a standard closet, you are left changing in the bathroom or out in the open, in the middle of the bedroom. In a home with kids or children, this arrangement can sometimes lead to awkward situations. A walk-in wardrobe gives you your own private changing room, where you can get dressed or try on different outfits without worrying about being interrupted.

Value: Like well-appointed kitchens, walk-in wardrobes are a feature that many homebuyers are looking for these days. You might invest in a walk-in design today first and foremost for your own enjoyment and benefit. However, ten or fifteen years down the road, having that walk-in wardrobe might also make your home more desirable to potential buyers—if you decide to sell, that is.

Work with Ximula for Your Custom Wardrobes in Newtown

Are you interested in adding a built-in walk-in wardrobe to your Newtown home? Let Ximula Australia craft the perfect design to suit your needs and tastes. Call us on (02) 8540 0549 to learn more about what we do.

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