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Ximula Custom wardrobe manufacturer/ maker and supplier provides Sydney clients with Custom wardrobe fit

“Future-proof”, is one of the many phrases that have been used to describe Ximula’s highly pliable product design. This custom wardrobe manufacturer in Sydney creates products suited for not only wardrobe spaces, but also shelving, entertainment spaces, offices and libraries as well. Ximula custom room designs are ideal for domestic and commercial settings. The new-age design model provides easy assembly and disassembly of the wardrobe modules. Ximula also provides replacement and additional components, edging out other design systems by costing less to maintain over time. Ximula products and designs can be easily moved and manipulated to evolve with the design of your space. Ximula is a custom wardrobe maker in Sydney that uses premium materials and production principles to create designs that are customisable for any space. Their lightweight and interchangeable design allows for easy assembly of products to meet specific design briefs.

Unlike bulky and permanent cabinetry and joinery, this custom wardrobe supplier in Sydney provides a design product that can be changed and adapted as your space does. An extensive range of colours and finishes are also available to ensure that the wardrobe design meets any design and colour scheme.

Ximula custom wardrobes use only materials that meet best environmental and recycling practices. Though these custom fit wardrobes are lightweight, they can bear a heavy load and are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. This custom wardrobe supplier out of Sydney will provide you with a wardrobe design that is efficient in spatial practices and can be manipulated to accommodate your future needs.

A Ximula custom wardrobe fit out in Sydney will provide you with a designer wardrobe with unlimited customisation options. Custom-built wardrobes are designed individually to work in any wardrobe space. Each custom wardrobe component has a signature aluminium trim and is lightweight and interchangeable.

Ximula custom built wardrobes allow for a premium, personalised wardrobe experience . Their walk in wardrobes are adjustable to fit specific spaces with varying numbers of shelves and drawers depending on the needs of the client.

The company understands that needs and design trends can change over time, so our custom wardrobe products have been designed to be easily disassembled and reconfigured. Modular wardrobes are available to provide clients with ample storage space and shelf configuration. Shelving systems are adjustable to the millimeter creating the opportunity for numerous shelving units and autonomous modularity.

We can fix wardrobes in a floor to ceiling configuration, a floor to wall supported, or free-standing configuration. Ximula custom wardrobe design components attach in a non-complicated manor, making wardrobe adjustments simple easy, while also minimising any risk of damage to the surrounding area. The interchangeable components make replacing or adding modules easy.

Custom wardrobe showrooms in Sydney provide clients with real life models of the design products so you can experience first hand the ease and style of these award-winning custom wardrobes. Ximula custom wardrobe designs are easy to ship and even easier to assemble, disassemble and adjust to meet your design desires and needs over time.

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The Ximula™ X-Series provides unlimited design possibilities, precision technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship within an award-winning collection.

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