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Ximula Is Designing Custom Made Wardrobes in Sydney, Inner West and North Shore Locations

Originating in Singapore in 2002, Ximula has been the go-to company for clients who are looking for revolutionary designs to better organise their homes. Since then, Ximula has expanded all across the world to regions including Hong Kong, America, Europe, Indonesia, and now residential Australia, bringing with it new ways to design your home. You can now have a custom made wardrobe in Sydney without all of the fuss of remodelling and tearing up your wall space. Don’t live in Sydney? No worries. We also provide custom wardrobes in North Shore and Inner West as well.

We understand how difficult it can be to furnish your house while taking into account the amount of space you actually have. Dishes, linens, clothes and various other household items tend to take up a lot more room than is usually expected, and you can’t very well leave all of your cutlery sitting out on your dining table. And for those of us who live in tiny apartments or homes built to hold only a few items, Ximula’s innovative designs are a godsend. Our custom made wardrobes are now furnishing homes in Sydney, Inner West and North Shore and are built to look timeless while also serving the purpose of a fully functioning wardrobe. Using materials like aluminium, timber veneer, and laminate allow Ximula to create products that are easily adjustable and customisable to fit your storage needs. Not looking for a wardrobe? We also offer storage and custom shelving for kitchens, libraries, and your home office.

How can Ximula Bring Custom Made Wardrobes to Sydney?

It’s easy. All you do is send us the measurements and we send you a design in return. Our furniture is fully manufactured and designed in Singapore to provide you with the best quality tailored to your home, and we can guarantee that after you install our custom wardrobes, you won’t want to bother using any other company for your organisational needs ever again.

Our designs are what we refer to as “future proof.” We take into consideration your ever-changing lifestyle and adapt that to our products, keeping in mind that as your lifestyle changes, so does your home. Shelving and storage compartments are all adjustable, as well as the heights of your drawers and hanging rails. Need to add more shelving? Or maybe take some out? That’s no problem. All it takes is a few minutes, and you can have exactly what you want when you want it, all without tearing up your walls and flooring. Up to sixty per cent more cost effective than most companies, Ximula strives to provide their clients sleek, custom made wardrobes throughout the North Shore, Inner West, and Sydney areas.

Interested in learning more about what we can provide to both commercial and residential properties in your area? Look no further than Ximula. We can design a custom made wardrobe in Inner West or North Shore, as well as the greater Sydney area. Download our brochure today at to see what ways we can help in bettering your home or office space.

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