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Ximula: Creating Designer Wardrobes in Sydney’s Inner West, North Shore, and Eastern Suburbs

You just went shopping and have walked into your home, only to realise that you’ve completely run out of space. Your current wardrobes are packed full with shoes, clothes, boxes filled with mementos from your children and loved ones. And there, back in the corner, are Christmas and birthday gifts that have yet to be wrapped (or worse, sorted out into the rest of the house from previous holidays). You have no room to put your new items. The only options you can see are finding creative spaces to shove your new pair of heels, or building a new wardrobe altogether.

The designers at Ximula are teaming up with the award-winning interior stylists of Ximula to offer you a designer wardrobe that’s fit for a king. Don’t think you can find anyone to help create your dream storage spaces in your area? Think again. Even though Ximula has only recently been introduced to Australia, they already have locations ready to help you with all of your designer wardrobe needs in Sydney, Inner West, North Shore, and the Eastern Suburbs.

What Makes Ximula’s Designer Wardrobes in Sydney Unique?

Our wardrobes are built-in to your homes based on the idea that your storage needs are going to change over time. Whether you get married, move, have kids, or have a family member move in with you (or even hit up that huge shopping sale that you couldn’t pass up), it’s proven that what you need for space will change. That is the beautiful thing about the designer wardrobes that we offer in North Shore. And we don’t stop there. We can model your dream designer wardrobes in Sydney, as well as the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West.

Architects and interior designers across the world are marvelling at the state-of-the-art storage solutions Ximula has to offer. All of the shelving and cabinetry is interminably adjustable, as well as the drawers and hanging rails. All designer wardrobes come with a cohesive LED lighting scheme that can be attached to your shelves and cabinetry to your liking. Still not convinced that our products are for you? Or maybe you’re worried that our wardrobes will be practical but not aesthetically pleasing. We didn’t win Japan’s ‘G-Mark’ Award just because of functionality. With each wardrobe customisable to colour and finished with an aluminium trim, every one of our products is designed to fit your storage needs while fitting in with the appearance of your home.

It’s not always easy to find the storage space you need and love. Our designer wardrobes in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore and Sydney are all available to you now. All it takes is a simple phone call to our offices at 1300 389 531. You can also email us at All we need are the measurements of your current wardrobe. With that, we can get to work on designing a new and efficient storage system for you today!

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