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Designing a Home Office in Newtown

If you walked into a well-designed custom home office, would you be able to say definitively if a man or woman owns that office? Can furniture design be feminine or masculine? Does it really matter? The answer may be a muddle, but the key to Ximula’s answer to the question are the words “well designed.” Here at Ximula, a home office in Newtown will be designed to suit your needs. We’re proud to say that our flexible design has won several prestigious awards.

Masculine Custom Home Office

A masculine home office Newtown requires simplicity. Masculine colours tend to be neutral, brightened subtly with a bold accent.” Masculine home offices should include TV units, and straightforward interior design where function rules. The masculine energy is reinforced with materials like leather and metal, and geometric patterns. Including the elements that reflect the hobbies of the home office owner, whether that be rock climbing or biking, into the design of the home office can also bring in the muscular element. Another way to incorporate the masculine energy into a home office design is through custom cabinetry in Newtown, where darker colours are considered more ‘manly’. Along with custom cabinetry in Newtown are bookcases. Mixing and matching materials and colours, from neutral to darker colours, TV units, bookcases, or custom cabinetry in Newtown, will also reflect male energy.

Feminine Custom Home Office

The feminine energy varies with age and culture. For example, bright pinks and purples evoke children or very young women, while deeper shades of red and purple bring the older feminine to mind. A feminine home office requires bright colours, as women are naturally drawn to bright colours and beautiful things. Rounded edges, metallic accents, and flowery prints also suggest femininity. Lighter home office furniture materials (maple or birch) and lighter in weight are also considered more feminine. A feminine home office design which includes bookcases Newtown, TV cabinets Newtown, or custom cabinetry Newtown needs the flexible design capabilities of Ximula.

Ximula’s custom cabinetry, bookcases, shelving, walk-in wardrobes, and TV units can be designed flexibly to grow with your space, as your business or career expands and grows. Come to Ximula’s showrooms for beautiful design ideas for bookcases, custom cabinetry and TV cabinets in Newtown. Ximula’s downloadable furniture brochure will get you started, and our online galleries will stimulate your design thoughts.

Creating a home office with elements of both the masculine and feminine force is the best of both worlds, as it means anyone may use the space. Rounded furniture corners, geometric shapes, and metallic accents is an element in both feminine and masculine home offices. Also using a touch of bright colour lifts the space while keeping the decor balanced energetically.

Get started with the design of your custom home office. Ximula’s award-winning, patented, innovative furniture design began in Singapore in 2002. We’ve continued our excellence in design and manufacturing of custom furniture and home offices since then. Call us on 02 8540 0549.

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