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X3 Storage Systems

There never seems to be enough storage in the office or in your home and in most cases it is inefficient and inflexible. Ximula will custom design a storage systems solution to perfectly fit your needs and adapt to your constantly evolving environment. Because the Ximula components and cabinets are interchangeable, your design can be modified as needed by adding extra cabinets, shelves, filing drawers or storage bins to the system.

Let us understand your storage requirements and we will create a perfect solution for your workplace or home.

How the X-Series System Works

Using an innovative aluminium post concept for joinery, the X3 Storage Systems provides unrivalled flexibility with the ability to modify the design at any time in the future by adding extra shelves and components when needed.

The post system can be fixed in a choice of methods; floor to ceiling fixed, floor to wall supported or free-standing and all components have the Ximula signature aluminium trims on shelves and cabinetry for a prestige finish.

The system allows for easy shipping and quick assembly on site.

Key benefits

  • A ‘Future Proof’ design system that easily adapts to changes due to its autonomous modularity.
  • Acontemporary shelving collection that reflects todays architectural and design sensibilities.
  • Fully customised sizing and finishes are available for all components.
  • An integrated LED lighting system can be added to shelves and uprights.
  • Shelves are adjustable by the millimetre providing unparalleled flexibility.
  • The X-Series system has integrated cable and power management capabilities.
  • Anodised or powder-coated aluminium finishes provides unlimited contemporary design solutions.
  • Ximula is the recipient of numerous International accolades including Japan’s prestigious ‘G-Mark’ Award.
  • Fully designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards in Singapore.

The Ximula™ X-Series provides unlimited design possibilities, precision technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship within an award-winning collection.

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