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The Possibilities That a Modular Walk-In Wardrobe or Custom Cabinetry Can Provide in the Inner West

Having a built-in, walk-in wardrobe at your home in Sydney’s Inner West can offer a slew of different benefits that you wouldn’t get from a standard, smaller closet. For a start, you get more space, more flexibility in storage, more privacy and more comfort.

However, if there is one disadvantage that most built-in home wardrobes have, it’s that they are difficult to modify. Everything has its predefined place, and what’s more, it’s difficult to change the structure should you need more space, or decide on a different design.

It was considering these inherent shortcomings of built-in wardrobe that we theorised a better way of doing things at Ximula Australia. We design and build custom wardrobes in the Inner West, most of them of the large, walk-in variety. There is one fundamental difference between our walk-in wardrobes and other walk-in wardrobes in the Inner West, though.

Our wardrobes are modular.

The Advantages of Modular Wardrobes

Picture this scenario: you buy your home as a single person and use all of the space in your walk-in wardrobe for your garments. A few years into living in that house, you get married, and your new spouse moves in. You work to revise your usage of the wardrobe space so that you can share it evenly with your spouse. No matter what you try, though, you can’t seem to get it quite right. You feel like you need another shelf or another drawer. Maybe an existing shelf just needs to be a few millimetres higher, to create a small but significant amount of space.

In the average built-in home wardrobe, these changes would be a hassle at best and perhaps even impossible at worst. With Ximula’s shelving designs and custom cabinetry in the Inner West, though, nothing is impossible. Our systems are not fixed-cabinet designs. Instead, our systems are modular and adjustable. If you need to alter the heights of your drawers or hanging rails, you can do so. If you need to add a new shelf or drawer, you can do that too. To use an old cliché, “the sky is the limit” with Ximula wardrobe solutions.

Work with Ximula to Design Your Custom Wardrobes in the Inner West

At Ximula, we understand that no life is static. Your circumstances when you move into a new home may be entirely different just a year or two later. Perhaps a marriage will change your situation. Maybe you will just buy more clothes or shoes and realise that you need more space to store it all comfortably. Regardless of why your circumstances change, it’s good to have the capability to adapt your wardrobe to suit those changes. When you work with Ximula Australia for custom shelving and cabinetry designs in the Inner West, we will help you create a more flexible and future-proof walk-in wardrobe.

Call us today on (02) 8540 0549 to learn more about how we can help you create a flexible custom wardrobe in Sydney’s Inner West district.

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