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Get Modern Designs for Walk in Wardrobes in Sydney from Ximula

Nothing offers more creature comfort than having plenty of room to display and organise your belongings. Walk in Wardrobes in North Shore, Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs couldn’t get any more modern than the Ximula system of shelving and walk in wardrobe design. Sydney and surrounding residents have a premier designer of modular organisation systems. You don’t want to spend your valuable time, money and effort installing a walk in wardrobe only to have it look dated in a few years’ time. The ultra-modern styling and modularity of a Ximula shelving system will make your closet organised and beautiful. Planning and installing your walk in wardrobes in the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Sydney has never been easier or more enjoyable . Ximula delivers a variety of “future-proof” designs for walk in wardrobes with endless customisation options. You can find Ximula retail dealers around Sydney where you can see their designs first hand.

Walk in Wardrobes have Space Saving Benefits

Using a lightweight aluminium joinery system, Ximula’s wardrobe designs are easy to install, alter or even remove when necessary. This unique system can utilize the space within your closet efficiently to its fullest potential. You can put cabinets, shelves, drawers, rails and doors in whatever configuration that best suits your design and storage needs. Create the walk in wardrobe design of your dreams with this innovative new system, and let its versatility and flexibility breathe new life into your wardrobe space. Having your belongings presented in an easy to access and organised fashion way will make getting ready for work or a function easy and streamlined. An organised walk in wardrobe also keeps clutter to a minimum. Knowing what you own can prevent unwanted or duplicate purchases in the future as well. Available in Sydney, this brilliant system and cannot will add luxury and function to your storage space.

Ximula is an Award Winning System Designed and Manufactured in Sydney

Ximula’s award winning systems make amazing walk in wardrobes, but can bee used in many more settings. Their X6-Library System was selected for the recently completed Roseville College Library in Sydney where it holds their extensive book collections. It was chosen for its quality, versatility and “future proof” design. In Japan, Ximula’s X design was awarded the “G- Mark” Award for Design Excellence due to its superior quality and revolutionary design. The X Series is unique because once installed, it does not become a fixture. Instead, it remains fluid and can be easily added to, changed, moved and even taken with you when you move to a new location. Cabinets and other modules can then be re-purposed for an entirely new room if needed, even as kitchen cabinets and counters! How many other walk in wardrobe designs can make a similar boast? Ximula has several showrooms in Sydney. You you can get a first hand look at the walk in wardrobes in the Eastern Suburbs and North Shore that will inspire the home decorator and designer in you.

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The Ximula™ X-Series provides unlimited design possibilities, precision technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship within an award-winning collection.

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