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Ximula provides innovative shelving, storage, and wardrobe shelving systems in Sydney and Eastern Suburbs

An award-winning company that originated in Singapore in 2002, Ximula, is sweeping Sydney’s design community by storm. The highly innovative, custom designs revolutionise the design process and encourage the progressive use of space.

Ximula has a wide range of designs from shelving, wardrobe, and entertainment space design to office space design and more. Their custom design products are lightweight and durable and can bear a heavy load without needing to rely on permanent structures. Adapt these interchangeable and malleable designs to commercial and domestic settings to revolutionise the use of space and storage.

Ximula shelving systems in Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs provides clients with a space-saving and long term solution for organising their homes and offices.

Custom design

Ximula wardrobe shelving systems and domestic shelving systems in Sydney use only top quality materials in the manufacturing process while adhering to the highest production principles. These custom shelving designs and storage systems are fully customisable to room specifications. The lightweight aluminium material of these structures assemble and disassemble easily.

Unlike permanent design systems, these designs are adaptable to the installation space. With a large range of interchangeable components, it is a simple task to move and rearrange components to suit an evolving space and style. Adaptability is key with Ximula’s wardrobe storage systems in Sydney. They offer an array of finishes and colours to ensure your storage and design desires are met.

Manufactured with materials that comply with best practices in recycling and environmental standards, these wardrobe shelving and storage systems set the bar high. The company has achieved ‘Green credentials’ for the longevity of the aluminium design products. These wardrobe shelving, domestic shelving and storage products are renowned for their recyclability, using recycled materials in their manufacture. Ximula shelving and other design products are ‘future-proof’ meaning that they are adaptable and designed to accommodate clients’ changing needs over time.

Wardrobe shelving systems and storage systems in Sydney

Ximula wardrobe shelving systems in Sydney and shelving systems in the Eastern Suburbs are versatile and easy to assemble. Designer wardrobes are ideal for meeting the visions of clients dreaming of a custom, unique and highly personalised wardrobes. Custom built-in wardrobes utilise interchangeable components that can be added to or replaced over time making Ximula more cost effective that other design systems over time.

Modular wardrobes designs make use of room space both efficiently and aesthetically . Allowing shelving system adjustments to the millimeter provides countless shelving options for the consumer.

The flexibility of configuration allows these design products to be easily manipulated, added to or removed over time. The products can attach to walls and surfaces in small spaces reducing and almost eliminating effects to the installation surface. Shelving systems may be added or removed with minimal effort and restructuring to the area.

Wardrobe showrooms in Sydney allow clients a chance to see the designs first hand, saving them any disappointment in ordering a product online and receiving something different to their expectations . All Ximula shelving and wardrobe design components are complete with a signature aluminium finish and easy disassembly for shipment.

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The Ximula™ X-Series provides unlimited design possibilities, precision technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship within an award-winning collection.

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