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Visit Wardrobe Showrooms In Sydney, The Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, And Inner West To See The Beauty Of Ximula

The perfect wardrobe is something that most people only dream about, whilst settling for a generic and uninspiring product. Your dream wardrobe is possible with Ximula, a revolutionary new storage system that can be adapted and adjusted to fit your ever-changing needs and design desires. Shelves can be added or removed. The heights of drawers can be changed at any time. The Ximula system is dynamic and flexible enough to meet the demands of the modern household, office, library, and more. Visit Ximula wardrobe showrooms in Sydney to see the latest in storage solutions from Ximula. Ximula retailers are available in Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, and Inner West.

Building Your Own Wardrobe Showrooms

When considering wardrobe design, there are several things to consider. One point of consideration is size. The ability to maximise the amount of space that you have is very important. The degree of permanency is also of importance. How long do you plan to use the wardrobe? The patented Ximula system takes care of both of those concerns. Being fully customisable, the award winning Ximula wardrobe system can be adjusted to fit any space. As future needs may change, Ximula can adapt as well. Homeowners can mix and match to change shelves, cabinets, drawers, and doors. You can check out Ximula wardrobe showrooms in the Inner West to see the flexibility of Ximula.

Ximula Wardrobe Showrooms In North Shore Sydney

Ximula uses aluminium joinery and an innovative post system that allows for the flexibility to move and remove items such as shelves, drawers, and cabinets. Bars for hanging clothing can also be adjusted or removed without the hassle of having to take apart the entire system. The ability to make changes to the wardrobe easily is what sets Ximula apart from other wardrobe designs.

Those using the system can choose from a variety of shelves. They come in different finishes and sizing can be customised. Drawers are available in different tiers – from one to four – as well as a number of finishes. All drawers feature a soft-close mechanism as well for quiet, safe and simple use. Cabinets come in a wide selection of sizes and finishes and can be attached to the system of posts or used as free-standing units.

Why Choose Ximula?

The winner of the Good Design Award in Japan and Malaysia, Ximula offers commercial quality wardrobe showrooms for the Eastern suburbs as well as the rest of Australia. The system can be adjusted at any time in an endless number of ways. The system is lightweight and portable. If a homeowner or business owner moves, Ximula can be packed up, moved, and re-assembled again with little trouble. Extra components such as shelves or cabinets can always be added to Ximula wardrobe showrooms. Assembly is easy and delivery times are quick in Sydney for the custom made systems.

Ximula systems are perfect for a wide variety of applications. Home wardrobes are an obvious use, but Ximula is also great elsewhere in the home. Shelving systems provide ample storage in living areas or entertainment rooms. There are workplace solutions that are perfect for the modern office. Ximula also customises systems for the modern library. To learn more Ximula systems in Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, and Inner West, contact us on 1300 389 531.

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